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Name: KAY 小個
Ages: 18 years old
Nationality: Taiwanese
Ming Chuan University, MCU dance club
Major: International Business

How long have you been dancing?
★ Around for 2 years and a half.
What kind of dance you like most?
★ I like Popping dance.
Why do you like to dance?
★ Because first time when saw someone in the TV show danced, I was immediately interested in Popping dance. It looks cool. And also that guy looks so handsome.
Do they have dance battle in Taiwan?
★ Yes, they do. In each school will have their own dance group, they will have the dance battle day. Each dance group from almost every school will go to have performance, it like the competition and battle. They will have judge to know that who is the winner.
How hip-hop dance became popular in Taiwan?
★ Because almost every school has started to open dance club in the school more than before. So anyone can join. And as you can see almost everywhere there are a lot of people became like to dance hip hop style.
Do you think hip hop dance will spread more? How?
★ Now there are not only dance club in the school. But when hip hop dance became popular, also a lot of dance institution started to open more and more. So it is spreading almost everywhere.
What is the most important thing that you will get from dancing?
★ First thing, it is good for your body, because it is a sport so it is healthy. Second, it is sort of good time and it can make you feel relax, enjoy and happy when you dance. But the most important thing is you will have a lot of friend from diverse schools both inside and outside.

Name: AnAn
Nationality: Thai
Ming Chuan University
Major: Journalism and Mass communication

How long have you danced?
★Around one year.
Why do you like to dance?
★Actually, it’s because I got the inspiration from my favorite singers. And I want to be like them, so I started to dance.
What do you think about dance battle, is there any kind of dance battle in Thailand?
★Yes, it is called ‘cover dance’ that is sort of dance competition and battle. All the rules and judge is the same with normal dance battle.


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Originated place of Hip Hop dance: Europe, Asia or America?

Thailand & Taiwan,  Hip Hop dance spreading around

Nowadays, hip hop dance became popular and spreading around the world. Especially, in Asia that consist of the countries which have different language and culture as Thailand and Taiwan. But why hip-hop dance became popular in these two countries?

Basically, the original of hip-hop dance is developed by Black and Latino Americans. It had been improved and developed with technology that caused creating of the new loop and beat. So it was origination of hip hop music. And hip hop dance is leveled up to be a sort of culture.

Even though, Thailand and Taiwan have apparently different language, culture, traditional, and they have their own featured. However, they both are Asian countries that normally, Asian people have similar lifestyle and the way of thought.

It can be said that nowadays, almost every country have been opened their countries to contact and trade with other country to keep good relationship for each other. It caused opening to exchange culture more. Western’s culture is spreading around Asian that also Asian people became to have Western lifestyle more than before. It is a cause that why hip-hop dance is getting more popular in Thailand and Taiwan. That is the reason why hip hop dance became popular in Asia.

Today’s Thai and Taiwanese people became more materialism. Apparently, over these years as we might have been heard about ‘Korean fever’ issue in both Thailand and Taiwan. It was because Korean boy and girl bands have been spreading through hip hop music and dance, so people inclined to go for those trends. That how it was the beginning of why hip hop became popular in these two countries.

When hip hop dance became popular dramatically and broadly to the teenagers of Thailand. It caused increasing of many institutions for hip hop dance, and it is a part of the subjects of those institutions. It made this kind of dance spread out as quite fast. As well as Taiwan, when people started to become like to dance hip hop. They set up the dance group or some kind of club in their school, so it increased people became interested in hip hop more and more.

The thing that separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that it is often freestyle in nature and hip-hop dancers frequently engage in battles which is formal or informal freestyle dance competitions. And there are a lot of dance group and dance battle have been increasing more in Thailand and Taiwan.

It became as a famous trend that is known in Thailand, They call ‘cover dance’- imitating dance or copy the band people like including dressing up exactly the same as the band they like. Mostly, Thai people like to dance in Korean and Japanese styles which are really famous in Thailand.

It can be called like the cover dance is sort of dance competition and battle. All the rules and judge is the same with normal dance battle as Taiwan.

“In Taiwan, in each school will have their own dance group, they will deal the day that will have dance battle. Each dance group from every school will go to have performance. They will have judge to know that who is the winner.” Kay, a student from MCU dance club said.

In my opinion, Dancing is like a sport. You will feel relax from your hard working. Also it is healthy for your body. But the most important point of dancing is ‘making friends’. You will have friends from everywhere, even different culture or language.

However, each country has its own culture and prominent feature that different from other. Even though people come from different country, language, traditional, no matter what kind of dance, what kind of people, what kind of their culture, what kind of country. But  no matter what, DANCE IS ‘UNLIMITED’.


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★What is the dance battle?★

It has been stated that breaking replaced fighting between street gangs. On the contrary, some believe it a misconception that b-boying ever played a part in mediating gang rivalry. Both viewpoints have some truth.

Crew VS Crew battles are common in breaking. Battles are dance competitions between two individuals or two groups of dancers who try to out-dance each other. They can be either formal or informal but both types of battles are head to head confrontations. They can take the form of a cypher battle or an organized battle.

Informally b-boying began with the Cypher, the name given to a circle of breakers who take turns dancing in the center. There are no judges, concrete rules, or restrictions in the cypher, only unspoken traditions. Although participants usually freestyle within a cypher, battling does take place. This was the origin of b-boy battles and it is often more confrontational and personal. Cypher dancing is more prevalent in communities with an emphasis on what is regarded as authentic and traditional hip-hop culture. Battling “in the cypher” is also a method of settling differences between individual dancers or crews.